What To Stock Up On Before Baby

I am a list maker. If I don’t have some sort of list in front of me, I probably won’t get anything done, or I’ll forget half of what I need. So naturally when I got pregnant I started making lists like this one. Lots of people warned me about making this list, because I won’t know how big baby is going to be. But what they don’t understand is that some people, like me, have to have lists. Otherwise I will go completely insane. Besides I can just return what I don’t want right…..

One of the biggest things that impacted my list is how big I think this baby will be. My husband was 8lbs exactly and I was only a few ounces short of that. So I’m planning for my baby to be around that size. Which means there’s a good chance he may not fit in most newborn clothes since that size only goes up to about 8lbs depending, on the brand. I also took into consideration the fact that my husband has very little experience with infants and has never changed a diaper…. He may need a few extra for practice. Keep in mind this is only supposed to last a few weeks before I feel well enough to shop when I need to.

                      For Baby

  • Diapers
  • Size Newborn 160
  • Size one 1100
  • Wipes 5000
  • Plain white onesies 4 newborn 6 zero-three months
  • 3 sleepers, sacks or gowns
  • 6 receiving blankets
  • 1-3 cute outfits for visitors size newborn and zero to three months
  • 6 pairs of socks

                    For mama

  • 100 or so disposable breast pads or 6 sets reusable
  • Two big packs of giant pads
  • A couple cans dermaplast
  • A couple tubs tucks pads
  • Nipple cream
  • A bottle or two of Tylenol (which is what my doctor recommends ask your doc what you can take)

                       For home

  • Paper plates
  • Plastic spoons and forks
  • Garbage bags
  • Dish soap
  • Laundry detergent
  • Paper towels
  • freezer meals

I will go more in depth about my food prep plan in a later post but basically I have come up with a few breakfasts that can be frozen and 10 different dinner. I will batch cook the breakfasts but for the dinners, I’m going to take one or two days a week and purchase enough ingredients to make two or three times the dinner I normally would this way I can have one for dinner and freeze the rest. By the time baby gets here I will have around 20 dinners without the headache of batch cooking. I’ve already done it once and it worked out great.

I hope this helps you get ready for your new arrival.

Am I missing something crucial? What do you stock up on before baby?


6 thoughts on “What To Stock Up On Before Baby”

  1. I love making lists, too! Those are all of the necessities, for sure! For baby? I would add a swaddle. I liked the Velcro ones because I could never get them tight enough with a blanket! Also, burp cloths. It saves on laundry later. Great lists!

  2. A top n tail bath is useful as is a good diaper cream (or nappy cream as we say in the U.K.!) and a baby towel. very best of luck with it all.

  3. Laundry detergent is one thing I always remember to stock up on. We cloth diaper and between diapers, breastfeeding disasters, and leaky babies its amazing how much laundry you go thru that first week home. Oh, and food. Never enough food.

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