The Easiest Dog Cake You Will Ever Make

It happened again, the 4th of July snuck up on me, and I forgot to make a birthday cake for my oldest pup. I know I’m a terrible mother. Oh well. After complaining to my husband that I had forgotten he reminded me that I could still make her one. Which of course I hadn’t considered. But it had to be simple. We don’t have air conditioning right now and I couldn’t bear to sit in the kitchen with the oven on. So I came up with what is so far my favorite dog cake yet.

The PB&J pancake…. Cake. Plus Indi Really enjoyed it too. The best part is, it’s fast, easy and you don’t have to use the oven. Heck, you could make this cake in a dorm room on a hot plate. But anyway, here’s what I did.


I whipped up some pancakes from some regular pancake mix, and added an egg to make them fluffy. Then I made the pancakes in three different sizes. The bottom layer was about 7” made with ¾ cup of mix, the middle layer was 5” made with ½ cup of mix and the top layer was about 4” made with ¼ cup mix. Layer was

 made up of four pancakes. I tried three but it was just too flat.

Then I assembled like any other cake, alternating the filling starting with Peanut butter then jelly, etc. all the way to the top.

It’s just that simple, and so much fun to make. Kids could easily make this cake themselves, for their furry friends.

And Indi Seemed to like it as well. She scarfed down the middle layer in about three seconds. Libby waited ever so patiently for her turn and ate the top layer while I had my back turned for only a moment. Overall it was a huge success.





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