Surviving a Summer Pregnancy Without A/C

Everyone knows someone who has had to try to survive pregnancy without air conditioning. Whether it’s a camping trip, a job that requires you to be outside or god forbid the A/C unit in your home is either nonexistent or broken. Which is unfortunately what happened to me just as I entered my third trimester. Since keeping cool is fresh on my mind I thought I would come up with a few tips to help my other sweaty sisters in their hour of need.

First thing, Make sure to drink a ton of water preferably iced. Not only will it keep you hydrated it will also keep your body temp down and you’ll feel cooler.

Next, invest in a nice pair of maternity shorts. I know they are sometimes hard to find especially if you don’t enjoy wearing short-shorts even when you’re not twice the size you would normally be.

Get yourself a fan… or five. Also utilize all ceiling fans, it will bring down the temperature in your home. I have one fan I leave on in our bedroom to keep everything cool especially at night, and have a fan that I can take from room to room wherever I am during the day.

Use flat sheets instead of blankets. I can’t fall asleep without having a blanket on me. Something about the security of having my body covered as I sleep. So instead of using blankets I opt for flat sheets made from a low thread count so they are nice and breathable.

Go Swimming! Although putting on a swimsuit might be the last thing you want to do it could also be a saving grace. Having less clothes on can really help beat the heat and the cool water will feel refreshing.

Eat frozen fruits. I was stoked when I found a bag of frozen mangoes chilling out in my freezer. I was surprised how just eating something cold made the heat so much more tolerable.

Take a drive. I have been known to do this on multiple occasions. When it gets really hot outside I’ll pack up all the dogs and we’ll go for a drive. I get to enjoy the cool air and they get to stick their heads out the window.

Take cold showers. I know you’re supposed to be taking cool showers in the first place. But consider air drying, is no one else is home.

Wear cool comfortable shoes. I wore flip-flops to church last Sunday. #SorryNotSorry

All in all, I haven’t had too much trouble getting through my pregnancy without air conditioning. I mean it’s  only been two weeks since the A/C went out, but as long as I keep practicing these things I think I’ll be able to make it through the next three months just fine.  

Have you ever endured a grueling summer pregnancy?



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