Quick and Affordable Baby Shower Invites

I’ve always had a problem with invitations. On one hand I feel like paper invitations are a waste, because guests almost always throw them away after the event. Which would make online invitations the way to go right? But how tacky is it to send evites or Facebook invites for a special occasion? But paper invitations are so expensive, plus you have to pay for postage which increases the price by a fifty cents or so. Can you see my dilemma?

So sending my wedding invitations was a nightmare. I could never find anything I liked that was affordable and I was dreading the expense of shipping. That’s when my mother suggested post cards. Now you might be thinking “Really Jane? Postcards?” and believe me I was thinking the same thing. Before that I had never sent a postcard in my life. But after finishing the design and seeing them printed, I fell in love with postcard invites.

Which brings me to my most recent life event. My sister and sister-in-law are throwing my baby shower. They asked me to design an invitation, so I jumped at the chance to be involved, which I know is so gauche but I don’t care. And this is what I put together.

I wanted to make perfectly clear that this was a co-ed shower and that families are encouraged. So I made sure to add a bit to the back.

Once I had the design made up my sister went to Office Depot and purchased a regular Avery packet of postcards. The store even printed the invites for a dime per page on top of the price of the postcards themselves.



Design        0.00

Postcards 13.99

Printing       0.50  

Stamps       3.40

Total $17.89 for 100 invitations


And in my opinion these invites are so adorable and perfect for the setting. And you just can’t beat the price! The total time that it took to make these from design to finished invite was about a half a day. So if you are pressed for time these are perfect!


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