Primed Birth Prep Course Review

I’m so excited to be working with Primed Birth and the Tummy team to bring you a review of their online courses! They generously offered my course for free but rest assured all opinions are my own.

Motherhood is something I have been looking forward to since my husband and I decided to get married. I have always wanted to be a mom. Unfortunately our path to parenthood wouldn’t be as easy as we hoped.

But thankfully after six years of marriage and thousands of dollars in fertility treatment we are now expecting our first little boy in only three weeks! Can you believe that? I know crazy. So here’s the thing about trying to conceive. Conception is the goal, which makes sense right? You have to conceive before you get a family. Pretty simple. Now what you’re not thinking of is giving birth. Birth is a whole other ballgame one that I was pretty unprepared for. I have spent the last years trying to get a baby in my belly, that I haven’t thought about how to get baby out. Which is pretty important.

I’ve watched dozens of birth videos, talked with my mother and other family members about their birthing experiences and still I felt unprepared. So naturally I started looking for classes, but with my busy schedule and hubby’s work schedule I really wanted something online instead of in person. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything online that seemed reputable. Which is when I contacted Primed Birth and the tummy team. These courses, offered both online and in person really helped me feel more comfortable and prepared.  

My Birthing Fears

Starting with The pain…. Pain terrifies me. I’m sure I have other fears such as the health of my baby, pooping with my feet in the stirrups etc. But the pain is right there at the top of the list. Thankfully Carly, who teaches the course, has a way of framing the pain that makes it seem manageable and less scary.

Another fear I have is not being prepared. I am a very impatient person, and doing little tasks or projects while I wait for some big event to happen, helps me keep my mind off of whatever it is. Carly has given me plenty of things to do and think about, to prepare for labor. Which is great. I love channeling my nervous energy into something productive.

What Has Helped Me The Most So Far

Most of all, these courses have helped me feel prepared. I have no control over when I go into labor, whether or not my water will break on it’s own, or even what doctor is on call at the hospital that day. But I do have control over how I handle each of the hurdles that are thrown at me while laboring.

And Now A Gift For You!

The best part is, Primed is offering a discount code for all my readers! Yay! Using this promo code VINTAGEMILLENNIAL20 you can get 20% off of birthing classes in person or online. And guys it is so worth it! This code does expire in December, but you can always get a voucher in order to buy now and start later. Also, if you know an expecting mama, you can get a discount on a gift voucher. Great for baby showers! Just a reminder these courses are hosted online through the Tummy Team so that is who you will purchase the classes from.


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32 thoughts on “Primed Birth Prep Course Review”

  1. I can absolutely relate to you… I had so many fears with my first because I didn’t really know what to expect and no one took the time to share the truth of this with me… This is so awesome you can help out other mamas! You rock!! 🙂

  2. Oh such an exciting time, enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy, it will be worth evry single step of your journey oncw he is here!

    I hope the course is helpful when the time comes to put it into practice, I would be super interested in a post birth update

  3. Congrats on your lil boy! I had no idea you could take courses pre-childbirth! Thank you for the tips, hopefully I will follow them myself at some point down the line!

  4. Congrats on your upcoming birth! So exciting! I had the same fears. I ended up having a scheduled c-section and I still have the same fears if I get pregnant again!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! As someone who has been TTC for two years and have been told by a fertility specialist that my chances are less than 5%, I can truly empathize with you. I’m so so happy that you have your blessing and I can’t wait to read more about this journey. Thank you for sharing.

  6. congrats on your upcoming birth, I love this post and i will bookmark it for later.For now am still single sonot thinking of getting a baby anytime soon.Great post will definetly refer this some of my friend who might benefit from it.

  7. Congratulations on your baby boy. Giving birth is such a hardest thing I know. All the pain and sacrifice is all worth it.

  8. I believe I read every book about parenting and child birth during my first pregnancy and I was still afraid. I wish I has a post like this to help at the time. I had 3 daughters on total and it was well worth it.

  9. Really interesting and informative read. Thanks for sharing this post. I will share this with my friends and cousin sister who is expecting a baby in few months..

  10. It is so great that these are being offered in a new way. I hope your husband watched too. When my wife was having our first I had to kick out the anesthesiologist because he kept coming in and pressuring my wife for an epidural.

    Our plan was for a natural child birth and she was doing amazing. Sometimes hospital staff will try to pressure you to do things that make their jobs easier. Having an advocate for you will be so essential when you are deep in labor.

    Good Luck!

  11. So happy you are having a baby! I love the idea of online classes. Education is so important. Knowing your options and what is best can make a difference. It surprises me how many mothers don’t read up on childbirth.
    Happy Birthing!!!!

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