Pretentious Cheese Night

cheese night

It’s no secret in my family that I love cheese. My husband likes to tell a story about the first time his family ate spaghetti with me that involved half a can of Parmesan cheese. But that’s a story for another day. Anyway, out of my love for cheese and the discovery of one of our, now, favorite stores came Pretentious Cheese night.

I don’t exactly recall our first Pretentious Cheese Night, but the legend lives on. Normally it is spontaneous and comes about when we see a fancy or pretentious looking cheese at the grocery store and we shape the rest of the night around it.

This time I actually went looking for my fancy cheeses, and this is what I came up with.

cheese nightThe first platter is an original Swiss Gruyere. I’m not all that familiar with Gruyere but this one reminds me of Parmesan. Which I love, so it was a win. It has a very strong taste so I decided to pair it with smoked almond, pecans, olives and salami.

(Normally I would include some crackers, but I’m trying to loose my baby weight. Wish me luck!)


cheese nightThe second tray is a super yummy Cranberry Cheddar. I am all over this cheese. It is more mild than the Gruyere but still flavorful and super yummy.

On this tray I included walnuts, apples, and dried cherries. The combination of cherry and cranberry was delicious.

Add a few Shirley temples and an hour or two of binge watching Frasier, and you’ve got yourself a pretentious cheese night!



16 thoughts on “Pretentious Cheese Night”

  1. What a fab idea for a night in! I have a select taste when it comes to cheese and avoid softer cheeses but its still a fab idea!

  2. I love cheese too, it literally goes along with every dish! But we can all agree that cheese platter with wine is the best hahaha. Love how it turned out.

  3. Just knowing that the cheese you’re going to eat is fancy makes it taste better to me lol. I think these look great! Will try them.

  4. Haha I love the name you made for this. Most of my life i didn’t eat cheese I’ve probably only been eating it 10 years and now in moderation it’s good but I have some sensitivity to dairy. These do look yummy and I love a good square block of cheese every so often.

  5. I do really love your idea of Pretentious cheese night. It seems that a perfect date night out for ladies. The plate lots of different cheese looks so delightful.

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