One Month Old

one month update

Young Sir turned one month old today. I can’t believe it’s been a whole month already! This past month has gone by so quickly. With everything that has been going on, I feel like I have almost missed this month. Lets face it I was pretty drugged up for the first two weeks of his life. However, even with all the drugs we still got to know each other pretty well this month.

He is 10lbs 7oz, and 23 inches long now. Which is almost two pounds bigger than he was at birth. That just seems crazy to me! He is growing right before my eyes.

one monthThis month I have learned a few things about him. First is that my baby might be a vampire. Every time he is in direct sunlight for any amount of time, he will arch his back and scream bloody murder. Is that a normal baby response to sunshine? I really don’t know, maybe we just have more sunshine in our house than the average.


He also hates, bath time, diaper changes and waking up from naps.

He is however a super happy baby…. Usually… We had a few mishaps with formula changes that made his third week of life a little more difficult than I would have liked. But now we are back on his favorite formula and life is good again.

He has developed baby acne. Which drives me insane! I know it’s normal and will go away on its own but I hate those little spots all over his face. Am I the only one who hates baby acne?

My little man loves to smile for me, and not just gassy smiles, the kind of smiles that give him little wrinkles at the corners of his gorgeous dark gray/blue eyes. He also loves to tug on his daddy’s beard, which is one of my favorite things to watch (daddy secretly loves it too).

I am so lucky that he sleeps 6 hours straight so I am a very well rested mommy, which is really best for everyone. I do not function well on little sleep. Ha! I am so glad my little man is doing so well and I am so happy with my little family.


one month update

4 thoughts on “One Month Old”

  1. He is so Adorable, I am glad you are able to get some rest. I remember both my kids had baby acne, I was just so stressed out about it as I had booked a photo session and I didn’t want the photos to be edited so much due to baby acne.

  2. I’m not even sure my 10-year-0ld sleeps that many hours straight! What a sweet lil’ guy. Glad things are going so well for you.

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