DIY Puppy Pedicure

There comes a time about every two weeks when the dog’s nails need to be trimmed…. Oh boy. I always know it’s time becuase I end up with a sweater snag or hole in a blanket. And that time has come. Pedicures for all the pups!

I always start by trimming the nails, then filing them so they are rounded. Filing the nails makes all the difference although it may seem a bit silly. I just use a piece of sandpaper. It’s easier to manipulate around each nail then a file.



And since we’re being fancy today I’m going to add a bit of flair to her nails. I use the doggy nail polish for them. It’s non-toxic and dries quickly so they don’t smudge. 




Last I’m going to rub a bit of coconut oil into her paw pads and in between her digits. She tends to get inter-digital cysts, but they don’t happen as often since I’ve been doing her little pedicure routine.




And that’s all! It does take some time but it’s totally worth it. Now she will look all pretty for the festival we’re going to on Saturday!






13 thoughts on “DIY Puppy Pedicure”

  1. This is too funny!! Our dog needs to come visit you! She doesn’t like her nails being cut, so we go much longer than a few weeks 🙁 never mind nail polish!! Ha

  2. We have a rescue dog who was abused and he will NOT let me even pick up his paw with out trying to pull away and trying to “bite me” he doesn’t do it meanly just puts his mouth on my hand. We end up having to take him to the vet and they have to put him out to do his nails.

  3. OMG your puppy is soooo cute! We’ve trimmed our dogs nails before but not often, although puppy nails do need cared for more. I miss having a puppy around but do adore my older dogs.

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