DIY Doggie Cooling Mat

Summer is tough on my two English Bulldogs, and this summer we’re all sweating it out without air conditioning. I felt so bad for my pups, I needed to find a way to keep them cool. I found a few awesome looking products, cooling vests and mats. But of course my brain is always set to DIY and I thought to myself “why pay $50 bucks for that when I could make one myself?” and that’s just what I did. This cooling mat is sooo easy my dogs could probably do it themselves. The best part is That I made it using things I already have around the house.

Part one: The Mat

Things you’ll need

  • Pillow case (mine was king size)
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Marker

I started by laying out a few sandwich bags the same size as my ice packs and decided how big the pockets should be. I wanted there to be enough room that the bags could shift around inside the pockets while the pups were laying on them. Mark around the pockets and use the ruler to make sure they are even. I ended up doing nine pockets

I put one seam up the middle and two through the middle eight inches apart.



Next I cut a slit at the top of each pocket, so the ice pack can slip right in.



Here it is with the Ice packs inside.




And That’s it. Here’s my pup trying it out. Libby is practically fearless and didn’t mind stepping on, but Indi will require more convincing.  

Part two: Ice Pack.

What you’ll need

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • 18 sandwich bags
  • Packing tape
  • water

These are really simple, I’ve seen a bunch of different diy ice packs all over pinterest and this is the one I had all the ingredients for. For mine I put ¾ cup water and ¼ cup alcohol into a sandwich bag then taped the top with some packing tape. Then stuffed that into another sandwich bag and taped the top with more packing tape. After that I left them in the freezer over night.

Unfortunately one of my awesome ice packs sprung a leak, so I’m going to have to invest in some hardier ice packs. 


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