Birth Story

birth story

.It’s funny to write this story. When it all began I had no idea what I was in for. I felt prepared and Oh-so ready for our little man to make his appearance, I just didn’t have any idea it would be such a…… what should I call it…… an experience.

I’ll start waaay back at the beginning. On the 22 of September, our little man was 4 days over due.  Around 10pm that day I had a bit of light spotting. I called the Labor and Delivery nurse to ask her if we should come in or not. I referenced all the materials I had been given from my Primed Birth Course and we ultimately decided not to go in and went to bed.

The next morning Sept 23rd, I was having several uncomfortable contractions but nothing regular enough to warrant a trip to the Hospital. I went on with my day, and had a bit more spotting. At one point I said to myself, “today is the day” but brushed it off as excitement and nothing more. Later that day my in-laws finally made it into town. Which allowed us all to breath a sigh of relief knowing that my entire support system was here.

They took us out to dinner and as I stood up after eating way too much food I felt like I was losing control of my bladder, which really wasn’t all that uncommon for pregnant me. So I just went to the bathroom. This is when it became apparent that my water was breaking. I nonchalantly walk out of the bathroom trying to keep my knees as close together as possible.

I grab Doc’s hand as tightly as possible hoping that would signal my distress without alerting the group. My master plan didn’t work, so I had to announce that I was pretty sure my water had broken but didn’t want to make such a big deal about it until I was checked out. At this point Doc rushed me to the hospital. This was all around seven in the evening.

By eight o’clock we had been checking into the hospital, taken a final picture of my baby bump and I was all dressed in my gown ready for our little guy to make his appearance. The contractions were unbearable by the time the angel with the epidural showed up. Once I had the drugs I was feeling so great. I give great props to any woman who endures natural childbirth, I am definitely not one of those women. I made sure to call my entire support system, including my grandma who was incredibly surprised at how calm and relaxed I am (again, the drugs work wonders).

Around nine in the evening, my contractions started to slow down, although I was still progressing. They put me on pitocin to keep them consistent and we all continued to pass the time, waiting for the “Big push.” I napped,  we all chatted, told stories, they ate snacks and I had a few slushies. Thank goodness for my large meal just before labor, or I would be starving.

By midnight, I am 4cm dilated and 100% effaced. But the baby’s heartbeat was dipping far too low. We all knew something was wrong at that point because every nurse in the unit ran into my room to see what was happening. they turned off the pitocin and baby seemed to do well after that. Around 1:30 in the morning they restarted the pitocin and I was 5cm dilated. After a bit more relaxing the nurse checked my cervix again around six am and I was finally 10cm. We just needed to wait for the baby to come down a bit more before pushing.

Seven thirty comes around and baby has another HUGE deceleration in his heart rate. All the nurses run in, they start turning me from side to side and put an oxygen mask on me. His heart rate slowly recovers and the nurse starts talking about c-sections. Which if you remember from the pre-birth post was my number one fear.  His heart rate continues to dip down so dangerously low, and I’m taking deep breaths, as deep as I can possibly manage and his heart rate slowly creeps back up. Then it goes down again and I take another impossibly deep breath, as it slowly creeps back up.

Just before eight o’clock the doctor comes in and we immediately try to get the baby out. She quickly explains to me how forceps work and that she needs to help me get the baby out as quickly as possible. I pushed for close to twenty minutes with no result. The doctor couldn’t even get the forceps around the baby’s head. This is when the mad dash to the operating room began.

Suddenly a dozen or so nurses crowded around me, yelling instructions to one another and to me. Trying to replace the catheter they had just removed in preparation for a vaginal birth and pouring this awful green apple flavored liquid down my throat. They handed my husband and my mother a set of scrubs and told them to hurry and put them on.

Then it was just a blur of bright lights, first down the hallway, then into the operating room. I felt them strap my legs down and scrub my belly.  Doc by my head trying to keep me calm, my mother watching the surgery. She really enjoyed it, just ask her about my intestines. Ha. Then they finally at 8:40 i the morning, the doctor announced it was a boy. But he didn’t cry.

No one was telling me about my baby. No one really knew what was going on. They were stitching me back together and put a cocktail of different drugs into my IV and I was flying. I kept asking Doc why the baby wasn’t crying and he would just tell me that he needed help breathing. An eternity later I was wheeled out of the operating room into my recovery room where the rest of my support system anxiously waiting. I still hadn’t met my baby at this point. Everyone gave me hugs and kisses and were happy that I was alright, but still no baby. At some point Doc came in to tell me the baby was in the NICU because he was having trouble breathing. He was able to take everyone to sneak a peek at my new little bundle.

While they were gone, my nurse and doctor came in to check on me. I don’t remember what all was said but I do remember them telling me his umbilical cord was tied in a knot, and the baby wasn’t getting any oxygen.  When he was delivered, he was gray, not breathing, not reacting to any stimulation. The only sign of life was his weak heart beat. Thanks to the quick thinking and skilled staff, they were able to revive him and he is thriving. Unfortunately I’m still unable to see him. Turns out there was a possible complication with the surgery and I would have to have a CT scan to make sure everything was normal.

Birth Story FINALLY around 2:30pm everything is clear and I can see my brand new baby in the NICU. He looked to large to me, and he was. He was 8lbs 12ozs at birth. I wasn’t able to hold him, but I just kept thinking, “I can’t believe he ever fit inside me.”

Later that night around 6pm he finished his dose of antibiotics and I was able to hold him for the first time. He got his first bath around 9:30 and I got in bed by 10:00 although I didn’t sleep much.

Thankfully by the evening of the 26th I am cleared to go home and baby is able to come out of the NICU. We ended up staying one more night and went home on the 27th. Everything was perfectly normal and happy for a few days… then more complications started. But that’s a blog post for another day.

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birth story

24 thoughts on “Birth Story”

  1. Oh my goodness reading your story brought tears to my eyes. I can’t even imagine your fear and frustration of not being able to hold your baby and not knowing how he was doing. I’m so happy that everything turned out better and that you and baby are safe and healthy!

  2. I’m so glad your birth story had a happy ending. I’ve never had children but I have been hearing about the crazy birth story my mother had with me for over two decades. That is why she will always be the real MVP

  3. Wow, God bless everyone that was able to act quickly to assist your baby. My first baby was induced cause he was 9 days late. Then Dr told me his back was blocking the exit so they might need cut. 🙁 3 hours later he turn on his own and I was having him without epidural… Everything happened so fast I didn’t had time to ask for drugs. Nooooo…. In the end, I was just so happy he was able to come out lol.

    1. lol. It’s nothing like in the movies. It’s just like peeing your pants. ha ha. I was sure I had just peed my pants and that they would send me home to tell my family it was a false alarm.

  4. Wow. That seriously sounds like a page from my son’s birth story. You are most definitely not a lone in this kind of story!

  5. Reading your post makes me kind of scared to have want to get pregnant to be honest, I just can’t imagine what you went through for your baby. You are definitely one hella a strong woman. Hat’s off to all the moms out there.

  6. This is so amazing to read. It reminded me the whole scene of my two deliveries. I like the way you have described all the details, like a live story. Congratulations!

  7. A beautiful story and i am glad it had a happy ending. I often look back on the day i went into labour and my little was born. Such a pivotal moment.

  8. Definaltely started crying after reading this! I had a similar birth story. I know very few woman who haven’t had some sort of crazy birth story. You just really never know what is going to happen when you give birth! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  9. This scarily sounds like my mom’s birth story with me. The ironic part is I was born 10 days late and my birthday is 9/22. I guess us September babies are stubborn. I’m glad you both are home safe and I hope you have a great postpartum experience.

  10. What a touching, although alarming, experience you all had! Thank God for His watching over you and baby, and guiding the medical staff to do what was necessary to revive your little one. While not as dire, I happened to be present for my second granddaughter’s birth – by accident – and because everything happened so fast, the midwife (in the hospital) started assigning tasks to me and my other daughter who was present (and happens to be a nurse). The baby seemed to be turned sideways and was struggling to breathe – when she finally came out, the cord was wrapped around her neck. The midwife very quickly and skillfully lifted the cord up and over my precious granddaughter’s head, and all went well after that.

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