Best All Natural Cleaning Tool

best all natural cleaning tool

I knew I had entered my nesting period when I insisted on cleaning our self cleaning oven by hand. The thing is, the oven was clean… but not like new clean, it has been stained by years of use, and the self cleaning feature only burns away the dirt. It doesn’t remove the stains and such. So I enlisted my sister’s help to remove the oven door so I could reach better. Inside and out. This is when I pulled out the best natural cleaning tool my secret weapon.

The Pumice Stone.

best natural cleaning tool

I first learned about using a pumice stone for cleaning, when I opened my commercial cleaning business in early 2016. And let me tell you it was a revelation!

I learned a lot about cleaning, and seeing the way a lot of people left their apartments after moving out sure made me feel better about what my house looked like.

But that’s beside the point. I loved using pumice stones to clean with. It made everything so much easier and it was gentle on most surfaces but also tough enough to get out almost any stains or marks in almost everything!

I used pumice in the kitchen for the oven, and sinks (being extra careful with stainless steel only scrubbing with the grain so as not to leave any scratches).

I used pumice in the bathrooms for the toilet and tub. It is seriously a miracle tool.

So here are my best tips for using pumice to clean with.

  • Make sure you have one pumice for the kitchen and one for the bathroom…. And don’t mix them up…. For obvious reasons…
  • Use the pumice from the beauty section instead of the cleaning section of your grocery store. The ones in the cleaning section often have larger porous and scratch surfaces more easily. They also fall apart after sometimes only one use.
  • Don’t use on polished porcelain. The inside of toilets are usually not finished, so if the pumice scratches it isn’t noticeable. However, the outside of the toilet or a sink will scratch more easily.
  • When using on stainless steel, always go with the grain and only when absolutely necessary. Stainless steel scratches so easily I would avoid using pumice on it if you can.

So there you have it. Using pumice to clean has really changed my entire routine. And you don’t even have to use any harsh chemicals. I use plain old dish soap to clean almost everything and it works fantastically every time.


best natural cleaning tool

10 thoughts on “Best All Natural Cleaning Tool”

  1. Wow, I would never have thought to have used a pumice stone!! Thats actually an incredible thing and all natural aswell?!

  2. This is awesome.especially when moving into a new house you need to do a thorough cleaning.Previously i only thought a pumice is only for bathroom use.I love your tips dear.

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