What to Ask on Your Hospital Tour

Hospital Tour

I was so excited to go on my hospital tour and it was actually a lot of fun. Our tour group was very small just two other couples, one was a set of first time parents and the other couple had five other children. It was nice to have a mix of experiences.

The nurse that took us on the tour had been a Labor and delivery nurse for more than 20 years and was able to answer all our questions. I had prepared a list of questions to ask (21 questions to be exact), so I prioritized and picked four questions that I was the most concerned about. Just in case there wasn’t enough time to go over everything. But thankfully most of them were answered during the tour itself. Just in case you also want to be prepared. I would definitely recommend choosing a select few just in case there isn’t time to go over everything.



-Will I have to share a room?

-Will I have to change rooms at any point?

-What can I eat/drink during labor?

-What pain management options are there?

-Can I labor in the tub or shower?

-What happens in the Labor and Delivery ward is full?

-Who do I give my birth plan to? And will I need more than one copy?

-What do I need to pack in my hospital bag?


-How Many people are allowed in the delivery room?

-What positions can I brith in?

-Can I deliver in the tub or shower?

-What happens if the doctor can’t get to me in time to deliver my baby?

-Will my husband be allowed to cut the umbilical cord?

-Is there an option for delayed cord cutting?


-Where will my husband sleep?

-How long will I stay after delivery?

-What are the visiting hours once baby is born?

-What kind of security measures are there for moma and baby?

-Can my husband also order food from the cafeteria? Will there be an extra charge for that?

-Is there a policy for young children who visit? Is there an age limit?

-What can I expect at discharge?


-What happens if my baby has to go to the NICU?

-What vaccines do you give baby at birth?

-When can we have the circumcision done?

-Where will my baby go in case I need rest?


I hope that is helpful to you! What did you ask on your Hospital Tour?


Hospital Tour

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