50’s style bridal shower

I absolutely love bridal showers. It is one of the few times we get to gather as women to share our wisdom with the next brave soul to earn her very own MRS. I was able to throw my Sister-in-law’s bridal shower along with some other fabulous ladies and it was a blast. I think my own obsession with kitch influenced the theme more than anything else but it turned out great nonetheless.

We kept the decor simple, just a banner and some tissue paper puffs strung from the ceiling. After all a shower really isn’t about the decorations….. it’s about the presents!

We kept the food simple as well, some yummy sandwiches and crudites. The cupcakes and tray were really the star of the food table. The cupcakes themselves are just a simple chocolate cake and the frosting is a basic buttercream.

We bought some adorable paper straws cut into thirds and stabbed into the cake with a maraschino cherry to top the whole thing off. turning our 

cupcakes into milkshakes! inspired by vintage malt shop shakes.

For the tray we took apart a modern tower and replaced the metal plates with some old records that look a lot better than they sound.

For drink we had a water station as well as Shirley Temples. Who knew dropping a cherry into a glass of flavored sprite was so pretty? And delicious.

Don’t forget about the doilies! Doilies everywhere!

The games were probably the most fun. we made paper wedding dresses, some of which were questionable in the modesty department, but hey we’re all girls here. We encouraged everyone to dress in there best 50’s style and gave out a prize for the best dressed.

Mostly we just sat around and gabbed with the girls and poked fun at the groom for some of his answers to the quiz we gave him about the bride. Let’s say the word “Booty” was thrown around more than usual.



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