5 Neighborhood Thanksgiving Traditions

neighborhood thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I am so excited to celebrate with my family this year. Speaking of celebrating with a large group of people… Have you ever wondered why thanksgiving is the one holiday during the Holiday Season that doesn’t involve the entire neighborhood?

I mean, think about it. Halloween kicks off the Holiday Season and we go around the neighborhood begging for candy and go to Halloween parties. Then there is Christmas where we buy gifts for everyone from out spouse to the mail man and also go to Christmas parties. But Thanksgiving is solely for family. So, I came up with a few fun ways to involve the whole neighborhood!

Thanksgiving Playgroup

This idea came from Katelyn Fagan over at Whatsupfagans.com

CLICK HERE to check out her post!

Thanksgiving “Gobbling”

This is one of my favorite Halloween traditions. Each year someone gets the ball rolling by baking some yummy Halloween treats and secretly passing them out to three of their neighbors. Then each of those people do the same thing for three other families. I propose we do this in the month of November as well. Maybe leave a pumpkin pie or a gift basket with a few thanksgiving necessities. Lets call it gobbling.

Neighborhood Football Game

I know lots of families that have a pick up game on the actual day of thanks. So I was thinking, it would be fun to get the whole neighborhood in on the fun. Maybe the weekend before if everyone will be out of town. Get some tailgateing snacks or Thanksgiving hors d’ ovres for the day of. Go crazy.

Progressive Thanksgiving Dinner

These dinners are super popular in my neck of the woods. If you’ve never heard of a progressive dinner, it’s where a group of people get together at the starting point and one family makes the appetizers. Then you walk to the next family’s house to have the main course and so on. I think you could really go crazy with a neighborhood wide progressive dinner. One house does the appetizers, one does the salad another does the turkey and potatoes, the next does ham and stuffing… all the way down to pie and icecream. But maybe that’s too much, who knows…

Pie Exchange

Think of a cookie exchange but with slices of pie. Each person brings a pie cut into about eight slices as well as an empty pie dish. Then you go around the tables and create your own pie out of eight slices of various pies.

The pie exchange might be my favorite idea… or maybing the gobbling…. I can’t decide.

Does anyone have neighborhood thanksgiving traditions? What other neighborhood activities would be fun?


neighborhood thanksgiving

16 thoughts on “5 Neighborhood Thanksgiving Traditions”

  1. I realized I sent a message instead of leaving a comment lol my apologies! But I do wish we had neighborhood traditions for Thanksgiving such as these.

  2. I am so glad to read this. Here in Austria, Thanksgiving is not celebrated, but having many American friend and colleagues we have celebrated it a few times and looking forward to creating traditions.

  3. We don’t have thanksgiving here in the UK but it seems like such a fun holiday! Thanks for allowing me to enjoying it through sharing your traditions!

  4. How wonderful to list some neighborhood ideas for thanksgiving. Giving thanks is about coming together after all – and what better way to do that but to invite the neighbors! Of the ones you listed, my fav is the progressive dinners. Thank you – you’re awesome!

  5. So fun! I wish our neighborhood life was like this!! I guess it just takes one person to get the ball rolling. Here in Canada we already celebrated Thanksgiving but I’m going to keep these ideas in mind for next year and run them by some of my neighbors for next year! Thanks so much for the wicked awesome ideas. I think my fav is the neighborhood football game with a little cook out! SO FUN!!

  6. This post came at the right time for me! We just moved to Arizona so we won’t be able to go to our annual family reunion (too $$$ for flights for 4 for a weekend) and we are staying home. I actually have to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year! YIKES! But our new neighborhood is awesome! These are great ways to get to know the new neighbors and spread some cheer. I might try and do a progressive dinner and save having to make EVERYTHING!

  7. Thanksgiving is such a beautiful gesture of gratitude to the ones who matter in our lives. Thanks for sharing this lovely post with thanksgiving ideas.

  8. Thanksgiving is a great tradition. It is a great way for families to get together and bond together. These traditions are so endearing and they contribute towards making Thanksgiving what it is.

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