41 Things To Do Before Baby

I have an unhealthy obsession with to-do lists. I will take more time coming up with things to put on my list, than I do actually accomplishing what I wrote down. So true to form I made an extensive list of things to do before our little man arrives. I wrote down what I could think of off the top of my head and then spent another half an hour searching the web for more things that I was sure I needed to do but couldn’t think of myself. Then I decided to list it here because I can’t imagine I’m the only crazy list lady that needs a little To-Do inspiration. A few things will only apply to my situation but they might remind you of something else you’ve inevitably forgotten.

  1. Start a get ready for sunday routine
  2. Start an evening scripture study and prayer routine
  3. Set up the crib
  4. Wash Baby’s clothes
  5. Pack hospital bag
  6. Stock up on Diapers
  7. Freezer meals
  8. Manage registry
  9. Sign up for birthing classes
  10. Install car seat
  11. Tour hospital
  12. Make padsicles
  13. Get Baby Binder ready
  14. Get Home Binder ready
  15. Put together Postpartum baskets
  16. Finish re-finishing glider
  17. Buy and Finish Dresser
  18. Build second dog crate
  19. Build Door to keep dogs outside
  20. Wash bed sheets
  21. Scrub bathroom
  22. Make snack for delivery nurses
  23. Organize Storage boxes
  24. Finish baby Quilt
  25. Choose a pediatrician
  26. Buy nursing bras
  27. Research vaccination schedules
  28. Write thank you notes or babyshower
  29. Pick birth announcement
  30. Start Dogs on new schedule
  31. Have Jeep Detailed
  32. Sign up for breastfeeding classes
  33. Set up home command center
  34. Clean dog crates
  35. Have dogs groomed
  36. Wash all baby linens
  37. Set up changing station
  38. Organize baby’s clothes
  39. Make reusable breast pads
  40. Assemble diaper changing baskets
  41. Make quiet book

What do you have on your list? Is there anything I have forgotten?


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