30 Ways to Appreciate Your Spouse

It goes without saying, that we love our husbands. But life gets busy especially with kids and bills and housework. Sometimes it’s difficult to actively show love. It’s easy to say “well he knows I love him, and I don’t have time to focus on that right now.” With that in mind, I’ve come up with a list of 50 easy ways to actively show love for your husband that will make him feel like a rock star..

  1. Make his favorite meal
  2. Leave a special note in his car.
  3. Make a special treat that he will enjoy
  4. Tell him you love him
  5. Send him, a text during the day, just because.
  6. Initiate  sex
  7. Tell him you appreciate them
  8. Let him hear you telling someone else how freaking Awesome he is.
  9. Wake up early and make him a hot breakfast
  10. Listen to his dreams and goals without criticism
  11. Give him a massage
  12. Tell him he’s a good dad
  13. Give him a warm welcome when he comes home from work
  14. Pack him a lunch
  15. Let him pick the movie for family night
  16. Go on a date
  17. Pray together
  18. Never put him down in front of others
  19. Take him to his favorite restaurant
  20. Pick up his dry cleaning
  21. Stay up late with him
  22. Wake up a little early so you can cuddle and chat before work
  23. Wash his work clothes
  24. Give him some time alone
  25. Encourage him to do his favorite hobby
  26. Let him splurge on something he’s been looking at
  27. Take him to his favorite restaurant
  28. Let him control the remote for one whole night
  29. Ask him how his day went
  30. Give him twenty minutes to decompress after work

This is just scratching the surface of what you can do. You know your spouse best, which means you know how to love him the best.

What does your husband enjoy? What else can we do to show our love?


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