20 Retro Baby Names with Adorable Nicknames

I absolutely love names that feel timeless. So when hubby and I were coming up with names for our little one, I looked back at our family histories to find a name to hand down.

I came up with so many cute names that I absolutely love, which is funny because we didn’t end up picking a name from either of our family histories. However I thought I’d share my list in case anyone else needs some inspiration.

Girl Names

Margaret – Maggie

Alberta –  Bertie

Annetta –  Nettie

Dorthy –  Dollie

Frances –  Fanny

Gertrude –  Gertie

Kathrine –  Kittie

Matilda – Tillie

Roxanne –  Roxy

Winifred –  Winnie


Boy Names

Albert –  Bertie

Franklin –  Franky

Wallace –  Walley

Edgar –  Eddy

Alvin –  Alvie

Oliver –  Ollie

Hubert –  Huey

Wilson –  Willey

Augustus –  Auggie

Hank –  Hal

Hopefully that will help with your name search.

What other nicknames should make a comeback?


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