2 Months Postpartum


Two months down peeps. I am two months postpartum on Friday. This month I have felt more like myself. I can get up and move around more. I’m not in terrible pain every time I walk around the grocery store and I can lay flat in my bed every night and sleep just fine.

Well almost just fine. No one told me about postpartum insomnia, but apparently it’s a thing and let me tell you it’s not fun. Baby is sleeping just fine. In fact I probably have more opportunities to sleep than most moms. I just can’t. I’m not up all night checking his breathing or anything like that. I just can’t sleep. 

I’m feeling super lucky, that with all the crap I have been going through post-birth, that I haven’t had any struggles with depression. I am generally in good spirits (except when super hungry or super sleepy) which I am very thankful for.

As far as my physical recovery, I am feeling so, so, so, great. I have finally been able to ditch the wound vac. Woot woot! No more tubes running out of my belly, no more plugging myself in at night and no more worrying about having an emergency while I’m out of the house. There is only one downside to losing the vac, and that’s the smell. Ugh. It’s a strong awful and yet slightly familiar smell. But the worst part of it is that other people can smell it as I walk past. But hopefully that will go away soon.

The pain is completely gone now. Especially since they don’t have to stick foam into my skin and then remove it a few days later anymore. The new bandages are so much more comfortable. They’re basically like two giant bandaids.

I finally had my last appointment with my OB. Everything seems to be returning to normal just as it should, which is great. However, because of the additional surgery I am still limited in what I can do. She said I can start doing cardio, but that I still can’t lift any heavier than the baby carrier. Which was really disappointing since I was really looking forward to weight lifting again.  I guess that will just have to wait.

Along with increasing my cardio I have decided to try a new lifestyle change that seems to be very beneficial so far. I’m trying the Keto diet. Or a very loose interpretation of that where I just cut out all sugar.

This has been my most successful weight loss venture so far since I am not hungry, I don’t have to buy any special tools or foods. And I have already lost weight. Only one pound this past week. But that’s pretty good all things considered.

Well that’s all for now! I’ll keep you all updated in the months to come!



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