19 Retro Inspired Stocking Stuffers

Now that all my siblings are grown up and have families of their own, Christmas gifting has changed. Instead of giving gifts to each member of the family, we decided to exchange stockings. Each year we randomly select another family member to give to that year and fill a stocking with some of their favorite goodies. This year I’d like to try out some retro inspired stocking stuffers for my loved ones. So I have compiled a list of stocking stuffers that you may have found hanging above your fireplace in years gone past.


The Victorian era

  • Paper Windmills
  • Wooden toy, either a Doll for a girl or a Soldier for a boy
  • Handkerchief
  • Pin cushion
  • Bookmarks
  • Building blocks
  • Wooden Pistol

All Handmade of course.


  • Bar of soap
  • Savings Bonds
  • Knitted slippers
  • Stuffed animals made from old stockings



  • A New Penny
  • Apples or Oranges
  • MIxed Nuts
  • Hard candies


Around the 1960’s stocking became more of an accessory to a main gift, much as we think of them today.

  • Barbie dolls
  • Hot Wheels  
  • Super Ball
  • GI Joe



The 70’s were very similar to the 60’s. Stocking stuffers haven’t evolved much since then. When I was talking with family members about what they received as children or what they gave to children, I noticed a trend. It seems to me as each generation begins giving to the next, they simply update what they got as children. For example, my mother always remembers receiving an orange in her stocking, so in turn she adds a chocolate orange to her children’s stockings. Only slightly changing the tradition to fit the times.  


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  1. So interesting, my grandma always gave me new pennies for my bday growing up but I always thought it was just a cheap gift lol. Poor grandma dealing with ungrateful kid me.

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