1 month Postpartum


Before getting pregnant I hadn’t really put much thought into what child birth does to your body. And boy did it do a number on mine. If you haven’t read my little boy’s birth story go ahead and check it out here. That will give you a bit of background.

If you don’t feel like reading that let me just do a quick recap. Little man’s cord was tied in a knot and he wasn’t tolerating contractions. So after 20 minutes of pushing and a failed attempt at infocepts. I was taken in for an emergency c-section.  

I had not prepared for a c-section and I was determined that wouldn’t happen to me. But it did. So I was completely taken aback by the recovery.

Week One

First there was a lot of bleeding. I had no idea I would still bleed after a c-section. I thought surely there were benefits to having a c-section…. But I was wrong. Why anyone would do an elective c-section is beyond me.

Standing up was a brand new experience in pain. I’ve never had any type of surgery before. All my parts are originals. I’m in straight out of the womb mint condition…. Or I was… So I was definitely not expecting this type of pain. The good news is, by day three I was walking on my own power without any help.

I even got to take a shower. I wasn’t standing up straight however… That didn’t come until much later. But by the time I went home I was doing pretty well on my own. Only slight pain, and still very swollen. My little man was doing well but I could never get him to latch on for breastfeeding. Everytime he was presented a nipple he would scream bloody murder and push away. It was like this from the first day he was born. So we continued with the formula he was given in the NICU.

Week Two

I was so happy to be home and taking care of my sweet little bundle. I was still in a lot of pain but it seemed to be getting better. But I still looked 6 months pregnant. By the middle of this week I was in a lot more pain and I developed what I thought was a little rash on my belly just above my c-section incision. So I went back to my doctor, not really thinking much of it.

She said I definitely had an infection and prescribed an antibiotic. Okay, that is simple enough, soon my pain will go away…. It didn’t. The next morning I woke up soaking wet in some unidentifiable liquid that smelled like road kill that has been sitting too long.

I had my husband look at my incision see if it had come open. The look on his face said it all. So I got an emergency appointment at my doctor’s office. The doctor took one look at it, covered it back up and sent me straight to the ER. There I was whisked into emergency surgery and they removed two HUGE chunks of my stomach. Then I spent the rest of the week in the hospital.

Week three

I affectionately call this week: “Welcome to the wound clinic.” Here is where you will meet the most kind and gentle people in the medical field. If you thought the labor and delivery nurses were nice, that’s nothing compared to these angels. The day after I got out of the hospital… the second time, I had my first visit here. That visit lasted a very short 4.5 hours, in which I was torchered within an inch of my life (only a slight exaggeration). But then they gave me a coke so I forgave them.

They attached me to my new BFF the Wound Vac (Here is a link to learn more about the Wound Vac, it really is fascinating). Turns out this is a common treatment for c-section infections, which is something NOBODY talks about! After this appointment I thought I would never feel better. But by the end of the week I was feeling good enough to attempt a standing sponge bath. Which was amazing compared to the disgustingness I felt before. Like they say every time I see them, “every day is better than the day before.” The best thing about this week though, was that the bleeding was completely gone. I guess one benefit of a c-section is that you don’t bleed as much…

Week four

This brings us up to this week. I am walking on my own every where, I am no longer afraid to stand up, and I am finally wearing real people clothes and not sweats. I can also hold my baby, and care for him during the day all by myself. He is still refusing to breastfeed and the antibiotics pretty much dried up my supply. I’m still torn between trying to reestablish my supply or continuing with the crazy expensive formula. We’ll see what happens…

Has anyone else had a c-section infection? What was your experience like?



15 thoughts on “1 month Postpartum”

  1. Such a good resource for moms who don’t know what to expect! I had an awful experience with a c-section as well (mostly because of additional issues). I didn’t know what to expect in terms of recovery because it wasn’t something I planned for. Glad people are getting the word out there!

  2. I had a C-section with my 3rd child while I was still in the military. I was a single parent at the time and my other 2 were still very young. About a week after I got home, I ended up mowing my backyard because I had no one to help. I think I just have a high tolerance for pain lol

  3. Omg, sounds like a huge struggle but I am happy for you that now you are able to manage all that. Great tips for future moms!

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